Australia Vendors chart

Australia's Atlassian Champions

List of Australia Atlassian Marketplace Vendors, sorted by number of apps. Here’s the requested table in Markdown format: Vendor Apps Apps+ 407 Atlassian 133 Atlassian Labs 77 Votazz 15 AutoTestingTools Software and Services pty ltd 13 GLiNTECH 13 Easy Agile 7 KC Integrations 7 P&D VISION 6 Atly Apps 5 Izymes Pty Ltd 5 Chief Technology Solutions 3 Decree Labs 3 O’Hara Group 3 Quirk Consulting 3 Typezoo 3 WallSync 3 Assemblient 2 AxisAgile Apps 2 Barefoot Australia Pty Ltd 2 Code Smiths 2 Creately 2 David Martin 2 Europa Labs Pty Ltd 2 Leanmote 2 Octopus Deploy Pty Ltd 2 Testpoint 2 Vouch 2 7'10 1 Aspose Cloud Marketplace 1 Bodoworks 1 Boyter Online Services 1 BugHerd 1 Ceptah Solutions 1 Clarios Technology 1 Course Kit Pty Ltd 1 Crecy Poitiers Agincourt Solutions 1 CubeWx 1 Curious Lab 1 Deffo 1 Documentation Toolkit 1 featureflow 1 Fine Software 1 Fixed....

November 17, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
Germany Vendors chart

Germany's Atlassian Champions

List of Germany Atlassian Marketplace Vendors, sorted by number of apps. Here’s the requested table in Markdown format: Vendor Apps resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH 42 //SEIBERT/MEDIA 35 STAGIL 22 K15t 21 smartics 20 TNG Technology Consulting GmbH 20 weweave UG (limited liability) 20 Accxia 16 codefortynine 16 Lively Apps 15 codecentric AG 14 Kupper Software 14 syracom AG 14 EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG 13 Hutuleac Iulius 13 Actonic Labs 11 K15t Labs 11 Narva Software 11 Polymetis Apps 11 Communardo Products GmbH 10 Decadis AG 10 Devexperts 10 evolu software GmbH 9 Materna Information & Communications SE 9 Purde Software 9 Raytion GmbH 9 APTIS GmbH 8 catworkx GmbH 8 Utoolity 8 yasoon – Microsoft 365 for Jira 8 Actonic GmbH 7 Frank Polscheit 7 Maximilian Porzelt 7 viadee Unternehmensberatung AG 7 XALT Business Consulting GmbH 7 MOEWE 6 ricebean....

November 14, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
Polish Vendors chart

Poland's Atlassian Champions

List of Polish Atlassian Marketplace Vendors Name Apps Deviniti 25 Almarise 14 SaaSJet 14 Softlist Sp. z o.o. 14 Getint integrations 13 Atlas Inc. 12 Transition Technologies PSC 12 it.Lab 10 Appsvio 9 Warsaw Dynamics 9 DOIT-BI 7 HeroCoders 7 SolDevelo 7 Addonrock Sp. z o.o. 6 Atlas Cloudlet 6 codedoers 6 Gebsun Software 6 InLabs 6 Release Management 6 67 talents 5 Eyzee 5 Lime Trees 5 WISOFT 5 GitConnector 4 HUB....

November 13, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
Surreal cityscape where architecture merges with nature

Navigating Challenges in App Development: A Closer Look

Security Challenges in App Development Achieving a cloud security badge is a commendable feat, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Participation in bug bounty programs, like Bugcrowd, introduces us to exceptional security researchers who help enhance the app’s security. However, the unpredictable nature of security vulnerability reports can disrupt our task roadmap. Developers must swiftly switch contexts, investigating and resolving issues across various app sections. While this process is invaluable, its timing remains uncertain, demanding vigilant and timely security management....

November 10, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
External Share form in first version

The Journey of External Share: Improving Collaboration with Atlassian Products

The Idea That Started It All I work as a software developer and have been immersed in Atlassian products for years. Throughout my journey, I’ve accumulated a substantial list of ideas to enhance my workflow, address pain points, save time, and add some enjoyment to my work. One of these ideas revolved around sharing data with external users, not in the conventional formats like PDFs or Word documents, but as live data....

November 8, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
How to recognize importand day diagram

How to recognize important day?

Easy as that: Wake up Shave Cut during shave? Yes? Important day ahead! No? Regular day

November 7, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
Vendors and apps count

Atlassian Marketplace Vendors - Who are the most hard working vendors?

Let’s check how many apps vendors created. Apps+ is quite intriguing. On one hand, it might seem like they’ve tried to outsmart the system by offering a wide array of integrations and covering numerous keywords. However, consider this: if all these integrations were bundled into a single app, the price tag would likely skyrocket. The beauty here is that they’ve kept them separate. This way, clients can select precisely what they require and avoid paying for unnecessary features....

November 3, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
Apps by country

Atlassian Marketplace Vendors - So were are the most hard working vendors?

Of course, number of app created is not the best way to indicate performance. More does not mean better. Yet, I think it is interesting indicator. Here is a raw data: country,appcreatorscount,appcount,appspercreator Australia,76,776,10.2105263157894737 Estonia,18,87,4.8333333333333333 Poland,58,273,4.7068965517241379 Turkey,15,66,4.4000000000000000 China,15,64,4.2666666666666667 Netherlands,25,105,4.2000000000000000 Spain,22,89,4.0454545454545455 Switzerland,26,105,4.0384615384615385 Ukraine,31,124,4.0000000000000000 Bulgaria,12,48,4.0000000000000000 Germany,194,758,3.9072164948453608 Hungary,15,53,3.5333333333333333 India,43,142,3.3023255813953488 Belgium,20,59,2.9500000000000000 United Kingdom,86,227,2.6395348837209302 United States of America,524,1318,2.5152671755725191 Sweden,21,51,2.4285714285714286 Israel,25,60,2.4000000000000000 France,43,103,2.3953488372093023 Canada,48,109,2.2708333333333333 Czech Republic,25,55,2.2000000000000000

November 2, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
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The interesting case of Softgile - Atlassian Marketplace Vendor

Recently I am exploring Atlassian Marketplace data in details. I have cool finding: Softgile. Softgile is Platinum Solution Partner 🤔. Lets see Platinum Solution Partner requirements: Minimum $1M annual gross sales comprised of minimum 35% from cloud or: Minimum $2M annual cloud gross sales With 2 apps and total 4 installations. I guess those apps are not cheap. 🍷

October 31, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan
Atlassian Marketplace - Vendors without declared country

Atlassian Marketplace - Vendors without declared country

Let’s take a closer look at the enigma of vendors who haven’t disclosed their countries. We’ll arrange them by the number of apps they offer. Genesys Jira Test stands out as an intriguing case. They have a limited number of apps, but an impressive number of installations. It seems like their focus is on creating applications for internal usage. We can categorize these vendors into three groups: Internal Tools: These vendors primarily create apps for their own internal use....

October 30, 2023 · Krzysztof Bogdan